About Our Practice

Essential Motion Chiropractic is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is focused on delivering high quality chiropractic care and massage to patients in a family based setting.  Our Fort Collins chiropractor and massage therapists use a gentle holistic approach and natural solutions for many common musculoskeletal and neurological health issues affecting people.

These include back pain, slipped discs, neck pain, pregnancy related joint and muscle pain, and sciatica.  Services provided by our Fort Collins chiropractor are tailored to the needs of each unique patient in order to optimize the patient’s overall well being.



“Well it looks like I’ll just be adding to their already great reviews, but it’s true. Dr. Chad and his staff are truly excellent. Dr. Chad specifically, is not your typical “you need to come in again and again and again and I’ll keep charging you again and again and again” chiropractor. He honestly wants to help and is incredibly knowledgeable. He never pressures you to come back or pay for more treatment. I have also received massages from both of the women who work there and they’re both great. They are not your typical relaxing massages, but more a combination of physical therapy and massage. I’d recommend it if you want real results.”

- Edwin T.

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