Chiropractor for kids.

People often ask me if I treat kids, and my answer is absolutely! Children undergo a lot of physical stress as they grow up. It can start as early as inside the womb if a baby lays in a twisted position. Traumatic births can result in great amounts of stress to an infant’s skull, spinal column and pelvis. As they learn to walk, ride a bike, and play sports, children tend to have numerous falls and tumbles. Typically any pain from the initial injury will go away pretty quickly because a child’s body is very good at adapting. However, even though the initial pain may go away, there may be some misalignment issues which remain and can cause some problems as they grow into adulthood. If this is the case, then you need a Fort Collins pediatric chiropractor to examine your child.

Parents will often seek a pediatric chiropractor for their kids not only for the falls they take as they grow up, but to help with other ailments such as ear infections, colic, colds, fevers, sore throats, learning/behavioral problems, etc. I believe a pediatric chiropractor can be very beneficial for children who have these types of ailments. I’m not saying that a quick adjustment for your child is going to get rid of an ear infection like magic. But there may be underlying issues that may be contributing to the ill health of your child. For example, I’ll often find a subluxation of the upper cervical spine in children with ear infections. This shift in the vertebrae can cause issues with the Eustachian tube, preventing proper drainage of the middle ear. By adjusting these vertebrae, we can facilitate drainage and hopefully decrease the duration of the ear infection.

Throughout my career I’ve adjusted quite a number of children of various ages (from birth to teenagers) with a wide array of ailments, including my own five kids. In my experience, children tend to respond very quickly to chiropractic care, and experience great results. If you have any questions about chiropractic care for your kid, feel free to call our Fort Collins pediatric chiropractor any time.